Foreign Contractors

Tax Services

Many of our clients work in the various combat zones and other high-threat locations across the globe performing tasks in a variety of fields including security, medical, engineering, and other critical support services. For individuals in these situations the tax code can be difficult to navigate, making self-preparation of a tax return a risky endeavor. Further, internationally-based contractors know just how difficult it can be to find competent and relevant tax advice and preparation services, especially as they remain overseas in hazardous locations, often with limited ability to communicate. Our experience providing tax preparation and consulting to contractors with foreign earned income is extensive. We understand your industry and we are here to help.

Before you choose a tax service provider to assist you with filing needs or consulting, make sure their experience is relevant to your situation and their service is reliable. We believe we offer the very best combination of extensive experience and low cost available for those expats and contractors employed internationally.  Contact us today to learn more.